Fifteen years experience in design and communications, a love of scuba diving and a deep passion for the sea have collectively formed Cath’s resolve to start a creative movement: design as a conduit for positive change for the oceans. Cath is the Creative Director and Founder of Catfish Creative, a Sydney harbour-based creative agency that provides tailored creative and comms solutions for organisations and initiatives that work towards positive change for oceans and the planet.

Her intention – designing for good – means she is constantly seeking to develop aesthetics that engage, messages that resonate and ideas that spread.

Catfish Creative has worked with many of the leading marine conservation organisations across Australia, the UK and Europe to create and design for changemaking campaigns.

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Alicia's research on the effect of ocean acidification on reef building corals has driven her passion to protect coral reefs from the plethora of stressors they face. Since completing her PhD she enjoyed looking after the cnidarians at Manly Sea Life Sanctuary as well as hanging out with the sharks, turtles & penguins! She also loves to dive, and is an advocate for Take3 for the sea and for using her Two Hands to clean the ocean and the beach. Alicia is facilitating the Coral Workshop for Ocean Youth Ambassadors because she wants future generations to be able to see the beauty and discover the amazing creatures the live on The Great Barrier Reef. 


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Cheryl is a qualified teacher and avid scuba diver. As the Education Supervisor at SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium, her focus is in delivering professional and innovative, curriculum-based education programs for early years, primary, secondary and tertiary students. Her other important role is being the President of the SEA LIFE Trust Melbourne. This group was established in 2012 with the mission to support and develop actions which Educate, Inspire and Empower. With 15 committee members on board, this group has managed to enhance conservation and protection outcomes for the unique Victorian habitats and species. In addition, she previously completed a Bachelor of Biological Science as well a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

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Claudette is the Founder and GM of SEA LIFE Trust Aust/NZ (formerly Sydney Aquarium Conservation Fund), the not for profit conservation organisation working with SEA LIFE Aquaria. Having worked in conservation for almost 10 years, she now realises that this is a much bigger job, which requires all hands on deck if we are to change the way we operate as citizens of the planet and secure its and our future.

Although Ocean Youth came in a shower moment it had been incubating since her fellowship with the Centre of Sustainability Leadership (CSL) in 2013, and her passion to have such a program available to young people, the ones who will be charged to fix up the gargantuan mess we find ourselves in.

Claudette has a MSc (Env. Sc.) and BSc (Ecology) from UNSW.

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scientific advisor

David Booth is Professor of Marine Ecology and Director of the Centre for Environmental Sustainability at UTS, and President of the Australian Coral Reef Society. He has published over 100 papers in reef‐fish ecology, climate change and other anthropogenic impacts on fishes and fisheries, in the Caribbean, Hawaii, Great Barrier Reef, and studies how tropical fish travel down the East Australian Current past Sydney.

He researches fishes in estuaries around Sydney, the ecology and behaviour of threatened fishes such as seadragons, black cod and white sharks and the ecology of the deep sea. He is also a strong advocate of sustainable fisheries and marine parks.

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Graeme, the only Australian‐based Ocean Elder, has vast experience in all things marine. He was the first Chairman and CEO of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA).

He worked with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and became the first Vice Chairman, Marine of its World Commission on Protected Areas. He still works with those organisations and acts as a Senior Advisor to some of their departments. Graeme has received a plethora of awards, including Officer of the Order of Australia. He is a passionate supporter of Ocean Youth and building the next generation of marine guardians.

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Paige is a Guest Experiences and Education Officer at SEALIFE Melbourne Aquarium and a committee member of the non‐profit SEA LIFE organisation: the SEA LIFE Trust Aust/NZ. She is also a snorkel instructor for Sea All Dolphin Swims, guiding snorkels with marine wildlife in Port Phillip Bay.

Paige is only just beginning her career as a marine biologist ‐ graduating with a Bachelor of Environmental Science (Marine Biology) from Deakin University this year. However she has always had a passion for the environment, wildlife and educating others about environmental issues to make a difference. This is why Paige feels so privileged to be running the Ocean Youth Program for its debut year with Peta in Melbourne.

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Richard is an underwater photographer and communication specialist. He is executive director of the Catlin Seaview Survey , a global project creating a baseline record of the world’s coral reefs, in high-resolution 360-degree panoramic vision. He drives the survey and occasionally the camera itself with a goal to bring the magic of underwater into our everyday lives. Richard has a background of 10 years working in advertising in London, followed by 10 years as an underwater photographer, artist, designer and communicator, working with a range of conservation organisations and companies including the Sydney Aquarium. Richard's favourite dive is the isolated oceanic Osprey Reef in the Coral Sea and favourite sea critter is the Mantis Shrimp, the epitome of how diverse and bizarre life underwater can really be.

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Laura WElls


Bio to come

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Strategy Whiz

Anissa Lawrence is the Director and Founder of TierraMar Consulting and is a passionate advocate of equipping young people with knowledge and capacity to enable positive change.

With a diverse background in environmental science, biodiversity, natural resource management and conservation, accounting and risk management, Anissa has over 24 years experience in strategy development, capacity building and managing people, projects and businesses towards sustainability, particularly relating to coastal marine and fisheries issues.

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Marty is a Marine Biologist so as you can imagine he is passionate about the ocean and the animals that reside there. Working at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium has provided many unique opportunities to interact with and learn about marine animals up close and personal. However it’s out in the real ocean where Marty has had his best experiences, from diving with Blue sharks in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to Bull sharks in the South Pacific to most recently spending the 2014/15 summer season in Antarctica as a field guide, teaching people about penguins, whales and the delicate, amazing Antarctic ecosystem. He has a BSc (Marine Science) with Honours and has appeared on a wide range of TV programs including Sunrise, The Today Show, Totally Wild, Saturday Disney and various video/print/radio media.

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A unique blend of chic and geek, Rachel Taylor is the Founder and Digital Strategist at Pete Creative in Paris. Focused on impact for change through empowering female entrepreneurs to think big and market themselves in order to create a chain reaction of good in the world.

As a Scuba diver, Rachel has a personal passion for our oceans and marine life, with her favourite dive being off an untouched island in Papua New Guinea. Rachel is an eco-warrior at heart and always making decisions that create positive change no matter how big or small.

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Vicki started at the UnderWater World Mooloolaba 18 years ago and has worked as a diver, aquarist and education officer. As a qualified vet nurse and zoo keeper, Vicki left the aquarium to be practice manager for the zoo vet at Australia Zoo, working with Steve and Terri Irwin for many years. After a few years off in between to get married and have her son Dylan who is now 12, Vicki re-joined the aquarium to work with marine mammals including one of her favourites, seals. As a passionate advocate for community service, Vicki’s other passion is fulfilled via being the Australian and New Zealand coordinator for Merlin’s Magic Wand. Vicki’s super- excited about Ocean Youth and working with passionate young people to inspire positive change.

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As an Aquarist and Diver at Manly Sea Life Sanctuary, Kasey spends her days up close and personal with a huge variety of marine life. Growing up and holidaying on the coast of New Zealand, Kasey has always had a great love for the ocean. After spending two years exploring and backpacking around the world, Kasey was drawn back to the blue after completing her first scuba dive, and deciding to pursue her passion for our underwater environment.

Starting as an education officer at Sydney Sea Life Aquarium, Kasey has spent the last few years learning and educating the public about the diversity of our oceans, their importance, and the current threats to our oceans’ future. Working as an Ocean Youth facilitator gives Kasey the opportunity to pass on her knowledge and passion to our future change makers.

Ocean Lover. Diver. Beach Cleaner. Blue Ninja. Guide.

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Growing up on Phillip Island, surrounded by beautiful marine wildlife, Peta became passionate about the huge array of biodiversity and ecosystems found in and around our oceans. Working closely with the little penguins and the travellers visiting these areas led to her passion to engage others to save and conserve our oceans.

Peta is a guest experiences officer at Melbourne SEA LIFE Aquarium, delivering educational tours and engaging presentations and has been involved in designing and delivering SEA LIFE Trust’s Ocean Youth Programme in Melbourne. Peta is using her educational background to inform and inspire youth about the plight of our oceans, enabling them to become drivers of change within their communities. Peta believes in youth inspiring youth to conserve and protect our oceans for future.

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