"Engaging people 13-25 achieves the greatest conservation impact as they tend to be the most interested and willing to act, with high potential to influence others."

From "America, the Ocean, and Climate Change: New Research Insights for Conservation, Awareness, and Action" by The Ocean Project

Ocean Youth (OY) - Building tomorrow's leaders and change makers to conserve and protect our oceans. Ocean Youth is all about gaining skills and implementing solutions to some of the big, hairy issues our oceans face and influencing others to do it too.



Delivered through SEA LIFE aquaria and consists of interactive, immersive, and skills building activities.


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The program consists of 3 components:
Keeper sessions

This is where we introduce you to the life of a keeper or aquarist at SEA LIFE aquaria. You'll learn what's involved in caring for animals at the aquarium, their biology and ecology and how you can help their friends in the wild.

Once you've been accepted to the program you'll be given a roster of activities to register for. Each session has a maximum capacity so you're encouraged to register for your sessions early.

Skills building

This is where you get to learn valuable and transferable skills like event co-ordination, public speaking, customer service, leadership and communication.

You'll get to learn by doing via a range of opportunities available at the aquarium including guest experiences, event co-ordination, campaign creation & implementation and other really great stuff that often comes our way. You'll also meet some amazing people who are making a positive difference to the health of our oceans. Inspiration plus!

Nature-based experiences

There's nothing like being in nature to make you fall in love with it and want to protect it. Throughout the year we'll be offering opportunities to get amongst our amazing marine environments.

Whether it's getting involved in citizen science or just going for a snorkel with sharks, we know you'll love it so be sure to register your interest early if you're keen. Associated costs for field trips and nature-based experiences are additional to the program costs.

What is solutionary?

As the name suggests, these are individuals who are aware of the issues our planet faces, understand their roles within that and are confident in changing their own behaviour and implementing positive solutions to tackle these issues within their communities (school, family, social network or beyond).

What is an Oceanpreneur?

Oceanpreneurs are creative, innovative, business minded individuals who develop commercially viable solutions for the market that make our oceans and the planet a healthier, saver and more beautiful place. Some people are happy to make individual changes and influence their communities to help our planet (Solutionary) whilst others want to transform the marketplace with their innovative, planet friendly products and services (Oceanpreneur).

Marketing, communication, project planning, and public speaking are some of the skills that you'll pick up in this phase and will help thrust you into being a change maker extraordinaire.

The world is your oyster!

Face To Face The cost of the face to face program varies between locations. This is due to the number and type of events that the various sites have arranged. Join our mailing list or create your profile and we'll send you updates of program inclusions, costs and application dates.

Online Access to the Ocean Youth online platform is free.