About the program

About the program

Ocean Youth (OY) is about building tomorrow’s leaders and change makers to conserve and protect our oceans.

The face to face program is aimed at high school aged students and delivered over a calendar year through SEA LIFE aquaria. OY gives participants the opportunity to learn valuable skills and knowledge that are transportable into any workplace. We see it as a capacity building program for young people who are passionate about conservation, sustainability and creating or adopting innovative solutions to some of the big issues. Currently the Ocean Youth program is delivered in Sydney, Melbourne and Mooloolaba but we're looking to expand, so watch this space!

A range of experiences including animal keeper and guest experience sessions are offered as well as opportuniteis to participate in field trips and nature based experiences with partners of the SEA LIFE Trust ANZ. You'll also be instrumental in helping us co-ordinate events and influence your communities to adopt postivie behaviour change. There'll be opportunities to participate in other aquarium activities including animal rehab and releases, marketing & PR opportunities and community conservation campaign creation and implementation.

Most importantly, you'll have the opportunity to meet like-minded people who care as much about our oceans and wildlife as you. We want to work with Solutionaries and Oceanpreneurs who want to shift the dial on the state of the planet and have fun along the way.

But wait....


*What is a Solutionary?


As the name suggests, these are individuals who are aware of the issues our planet faces, understand their roles within that and are confident in changing their own behaviour and implementing positive solutions to tackle these issues within their communities (school, family, social network or beyond). 

*What is an Oceanpreneur?
Oceanpreneurs are creative, innovative, business minded individuals who develop commercially viable solutions for the market that make our oceans and the planet a healthier, safer and more beautiful place.

Some people are happy to make individual changes and influence their communities to help our planet (Solutionary) whilst others want to transform the marketplace with their innovative, planet friendly products and services (Oceanpreneur).
Forming groups with peers, both on and offline, who share your particular passion or interest area, you’ll collaborate to create a shared vision for healthier oceans and design a project/campaign plan that will take us there.
Whether it’s banning plastic bags in your nearest supermarket, getting your family to use reusables, or organising a regular clean up in your school, whatever it may be, this is your chance to unleash the solutionary/oceanpreneur within.
Marketing, communication, event co-ordination, project planning, and public speaking are some of the skills that you’ll pick up in this phase and will help thrust you into being a change maker extraordinaire.
The world is your oyster!


The cost of the program is $250 for the year and includes:

12 months' entry to your nearest SEA LIFE
*20% off SEA LIFE products including Shark Dive Xtreme, Reef Snorkel, iFLY Zipline, Sydney Tower Eye. The more you do the more you save. (*subject to space availabiilty).

Discounts on partner products where and when available.

Not included:
There'll be a range of nature-based field trips and experiences on offer throughout the year. Costs associated to participate in these trips are NOT included in program cost.
Uniform costs (T-shirt and cap) are additional to the program cost at a price of $20 each. They can be ordered at the commencement of the program.


Participants must be between the ages of 13 & 18 to participate in the face to face program. You can apply online.


All is not lost.
If you're not in the above locations you can still be part of our movement. In fact we've got youth from Indonesia, Malaysia, Spain, Canada, USA, American Samoa and other parts of Oz who are part of our growing movement. It's super exciting!

Access to the Ocean Youth online platform is free and will give you full access to networking with like-minded people from all over the world as well as our growing bank of resources. It's as easy as 1,2,3.

1. Create your profile here.

2. Start finding others who care about the same things as you.

3. Change the world, for the better!




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