How Arya's changing the world

How Arya's changing the world

Arya Shinde, 15, was one of our first Ocean Youth Ambassadors in the inaugural Sydney program. Her love of the ocean and having fun in it was what drove her to us. But it's what she's learned along the way has been the kicker. Until Arya participated in several beach debris surveys she was unaware of how big a problem plastic pollution was on our beaches and in our oceans. What's more this plastic pollution is having a devastating impact upon ocean wildlife. Two rescue turtles in Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary are both suffereing from the impadts of ingesting plastic party balloons. 

Do you want to snorkel with sharks, go on a seahorse treasure hunt, do some housekeeping In Little penguin habitat or plant an underater tree? Would like to take your journey as a change maker to the next level? Then join us for Ocean Youth 2016. For just under $60 a day you'll be boating, kayaking, snorkelling, whale watching , animal rescuing and so much more. Apply here today.




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