Why do we need you(th)?

Why do we need you(th)?

Ocean Youth is a capacity building program for high school aged students to build a global community of future leaders and change makers who embrace, encompass and influence ocean conservation and sustainable resource management.

Approximately 30% of the world’s population is under the age of 18.

Why do we need Ocean Youth?

The core objective of Ocean Youth is to ensure the principles of ocean conservation and sustainable use of its precious resources are embedded at all levels of decision making now and into the future, whether it be by governments, industry or community globally. Building the capacity of young people, our future leaders and a significant component of our communities, is critical to implementing the solutions needed to halt the decline in our planet’s health.

Our young people are going to face immense environmental problems as a result of our actions today and yesterday. We want to put them on the front foot to tackle these challenges head on.




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