Rewards Program





As a passionate, engaged ocean lover we want to help you get to the next level of change making.

And what better way than giving you points for doing good stuff?

Simply sign up and create your profile to join our online network of like-minded blue ninjas and you can benefit
from actually scoring points for activities on and offline.

So, what are you waiting for?
Dive in and get started.
Ocean, Ocean, Ocean, OY! OY! OY!

Online Points Scoring


Create and post an article on your oy profile page for 5 points

This could be in the forms of photos, blog posts
or video content you have created. This does not apply to status updates.


Comment on posts and get every point every time

You gain a point each time you interact with other users by commenting
on their posts and sharing feedback and ideas.
What's even better is that you get a point for each
comment made on your posts too!

Offline Activities


Buy Wise & Post For 5 Points

Whenever you make a conscious purchase and vote with your dollar for improved ocean health,
simply a take photo of you and your purchase (it could be MSC seafood, pole & line caught fish, a reuseable
coffee cup or water bottle) post it to social media with hashtag #oceanyouth
and let us know!) You can double your points by then posting it to your profile page
for 5 points (see above) and gain further points when you get comments!


Social Media Shares

You gain a point each time you share posts to social media with hashtag #oceanyouth

Earn 10-100 Points!!

Contact us for more information on how to earn & redeem more points through fundraising,
beach cleans, completing OY learning modules etc

Points mean prizes, go to redeem points page to see how to apply for rewards!